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    Private Sewer Lateral Pipe Inspection Program (PSLP)

    As of June 2022, private sewer lateral pipe inspections (PSLP) are required for all homes. Basically, the PSLP program requires drain pipelines that connect to homes to the sewer must be inspected. If a PSLP inspection does not occur, the prevention of home sales transactions can take place. When the sewer laterals are inspected, our specialists will guide you through the next process. Before issuing a release to sell, homes in need of repairs must address any issues identified during the sewer lateral inspection and ensure they are repaired.

    Homeowners Or Properties That May Be Exempt From PSLP Requirements
    • Homes not connected to city sewer services.
    • Homes built within 15 years of June 1, 2022.
    • Homes transferred as a gift to a family member (not in a sale).
    • Home is being refinanced, or a title is being updated (not in a sale).
    • Homes that possess a valid certification from a sewer lateral inspection conducted by the city within the last 10 years.
    The private sewer lateral drainpipes extend from a home’s foundation to the street, serving as the connection to the city sewer system. This crucial inspection requirement not only helps save costs for the city but also guarantees the proper functioning of the sewer system. In the event of broken lateral drain pipes, the city’s infrastructure and treatment plants may experience permanent strain.
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