Plumbing emergencies can happen without warning, necessitating a call to a local plumber. Knowing the right person is on the job could make you feel at ease during a difficult situation. Even when the issue is not that serious, you want to hire the most qualified plumber available. Looking for a few specific traits could help with selecting the right company and the right professionals.


Experience could be the most valuable trait a plumber possesses. Someone with significant time on the job will likely determine what is wrong with a plumbing system and implement the proper fix. They also know how to use all the tools involved and would be less likely to make errors. Someone attempting to perform a do-it-yourself job could ruin a plumbing system, but an experienced individual might efficiently perform the necessary fix.

Experience contributes to timeliness and safety. A skilled plumber would likely finish the job without unnecessary delays, and the chances of causing a hazardous problem would be less likely.

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Licensing, Affiliations, and Certifications

A professional plumber should be fully licensed and possess the necessary certifications to perform the tasks requested. That is why hiring a plumber from an established plumbing company in the San Jose area could be a good move. Sometimes, less-than-qualified individuals may offer plumbing duties as part of handyman services. Such individuals may lack the professional credentials and affiliations that reflect their true skill level.

Provides Detailed Estimates

Telling customers what is wrong and what work is necessary is not enough. It is equally vital to present you with a detailed estimate of everything the job entails and its costs. Reputable companies and their employed professionals should provide an estimate that leaves nothing out. When someone agrees to a plumbing job, they should know what they are getting into.

Seek a Bonded Plumber

The average customer might not know what it means when a plumber is listed as being bonded. The term means the plumber has purchased a surety bond to cover any unforeseen issues that might contribute to unfinished work or damage. A talented plumber will likely do the job without any problems, but possessing a bond sends a clear message to customers that they do not need to be concerned since a bond is in place to cover unexpected or unwelcome costs.


A plumber who appears at the job site when they say they will arrive is preferable to someone who does not show up on time. Reliability means a lot because the homeowner may be on a limited schedule, and dealing with someone who does not make their appointments can create problems. Professionalism is also about doing the job in a customer-friendly way, and a well-regarded plumber likely understands this idea.

The term “customer-friendly” deserves some expansion. Good customer service takes many forms, and a plumber who embodies a patient attitude could be helpful when the customer needs clarification about the work performed. The average person might not know much about plumbing, so a plumber may need to slowly and deliberately explain everything that has to be done and why.

Sometimes, the plumber arrives late in the evening to handle a serious emergency. The customer could feel panic about the situation and might not be in the best frame of mind. An experienced plumber will know how to discuss the problem with the customer while maintaining professionalism in a challenging scenario.

Examine All Reviews

Among the best ways to determine if the right plumbing company and professionals are on the job is to read published reviews online. Customers who are happy with their experience would likely leave positive reviews that include details about the experience. A would-be customer could read the commentary to understand what to expect.

A would-be customer could take their research further by looking at any reports on the Better Business Bureau’s website. A solid Better Business Bureau rating could speak volumes about the quality of the company’s work.


Asking for references is another step to take when you are interested in hiring the right plumber. For minor jobs, talk to friends and family who have used the plumbing company’s services before and ask them to share their experiences. Anyone who is a repeat customer likely appreciates the company’s work, and hearing them articulate the positives about the company will help a homeowner feel confident that they picked the appropriate people for the job.

More Than What the Customer Expects

Although the plumber might come to a location to perform a specific task, a conscientious professional will also point out other problems that may require attention now or in the future. The plumber could recommend booking a thorough inspection or signing up for a maintenance plan. The plumber could notice signs of corrosion on drain pipes and point the issue to the homeowner, who can then take appropriate action before leaks develop.

A Point Worth Mentioning

Here is a point worth noting: looking for a plumber at the last minute could make picking the best one challenging. It is wise to have a plumbing company in mind long before mishaps occur. Performing due diligence and research will take a lot of work when there is a burst pipe causing massive water flow in your home. However, those who stay on top of their plumbing system and have upgrades and inspections performed routinely can do the necessary research in advance. This way, the name and number of the preferred plumbing company is readily accessible. When the time comes to call a plumber, why delay?

Ask the Company

Reviewing the information on a plumbing company’s website could prove informative to someone wishing to learn more about a professional plumber’s background. Customers with questions about the plumbers who perform tasks when called may direct them to the company.

Asking how long the company that employs the plumber has been in business is a good idea. The company may hire a new plumber who could be relatively new to the profession. Therefore, the customer must rely on the judgment of those running the company to ensure their job will be in capable hands. The managers of a plumbing company that has had its doors open for many years could be more than qualified to make appropriate hiring decisions and send the right people out on a job.

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