If you’ve noticed a lot of buildups on your tubs, showers, and sinks, spots on your dishes, or splotches on your laundry, you may be dealing with hard water in your home. No matter how clear the water coming out of your tap looks, you may overlook the minerals, like magnesium and calcium, that flow through the water on a daily basis. Water with a lot of minerals mixed in is known as hard water and could have long-term impacts on several aspects of your home.

One of the best solutions to consider is a water softener. Professional installation of a water softener system comes with many benefits in the home. A water softener will remove the minerals from the water source to make the water as pure as possible. From the kitchen to the bathroom and even beyond, you can expect many positive changes to come with the installation and active use of a water softener. Learn about these benefits and what changes you can expect.

Taste of Water

If you use your sink or a water system that’s built into your refrigerator, then you may notice that the taste of the water changes with a water softener. Water doesn’t have a particularly strong taste, but it does make a difference when you remove the minerals. If you compare a glass of hard water to a glass of soft water, you may notice a more pleasant feel and less of an aftertaste.

When you brew coffee with softened water, you may notice a dramatic difference in the taste and smoothness of the coffee. Mineral buildup also affects how the coffee maker works. With soft water, your coffee maker may last longer.

The same benefits apply when you boil water or use water for various recipes. Without the minerals and calcium found in hard water, you will notice a difference in the way the foods cook. It may take longer to cook with hard water, and some ingredients may be tougher.

Reduced Laundry & Dish Washer Residue

When you use hard water in appliances like a washing machine or a dishwasher, you will notice that the hard water may leave stains behind. On clear glasses, you may see white stains on the glasses. This is not because of poor washing but because of hard water minerals that have dried on the dishes.

With laundry, you may notice soft clothes feel a little stiffer or there are slight stains left on certain materials. The buildup of hard water deposits in these appliances can start to create odors as well. This odor forms due to the buildup of limestone. When hard water dries out, the minerals are left behind and for deposits, especially in the small holes and crevices of a washer.

When you run the washer, you may notice a strong smell that is slightly similar to rotten eggs. After the professional installation of a water softener, you can perform a deep clean on the washer to dissolve the built-up scale and limestone. The soft water will prevent the buildup again and improve the result of washed clothes.

Hair, Skin, & Body Benefits

When you bathe with hard water, you may notice an impact on your hair and skin. Hard water can cause your skin to dry out due to the excess of minerals. Hard water can impact the texture of your hair. Instead of silky-smooth hair, your hair may feel dry and straw-like. Even with the help of different hair products, the hard water ingredients can overpower their effectiveness and result in the same conditions over and over. Using a water softener may also help reduce the appearance of dandruff in your hair.

During winter months, when the weather is dry, you may notice the impacts of hard water even more. Even in an area like San Jose, CA, the weather can become dry throughout the year. Your skin may dry out faster and start to flake or itch. The installation of a water softener can help keep your skin soft. You may notice that products like lotion work more effectively, and you do not have to constantly deal with flaking skin, dry hands, or dry elbows.

Water Heater Efficiency Improvements

If you use a traditional hot water heater with a tank in your home, then hard water can have a direct impact on the tank. Hard water can form scales and build up on the inside of a tank. The inlet and outlet valves can also have buildup on them over time. The impact of hard water can change the efficiency of your water heater.

These issues often lead to it taking longer your water to heat up, which can lead to an insufficient supply of warm water in your showers, sinks, and other plumbing appliances. You may also notice that your water heater lacks the efficiency it once had. As hard water forces the system to work harder to perform, you may notice a rise in your electric bill.

When you have a water softener installed, the softener will help break down any scale or buildup in the water heater’s tank. So, instead of replacing the tank, you can rely on the softened water to do the job for you. Within a few weeks, you may notice better hot water efficiency and lower amounts of electric usage.

Long-Term Money Savings

All the benefits discussed already will help you save money in the long term. For instance, instead of allowing hard water to damage your washing machine, dishwasher, and other plumbing appliances, investing in a whole-home water softener protects the functionality of those systems and extends their lifespans.

In addition to keeping your plumbing appliances functioning for as long as possible, you can also reduce the need for repairs. While you may have warranty protection on some of those systems, warranties have time limits, which means that, eventually, you’ll assume financial responsibility for repairs and replacement parts. Hard water puts a lot of stress on your appliances’ components, leading to frequent repairs and incurring many added costs.

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